Weekly Tarot Card Reading Horoscope July 17, 2023; Tarotscopes
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Weekly Tarot Card Reading Horoscope July 17, 2023; Tarotscopes

Aug 08, 2023

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Our resident tarot expert Kerry Ward breaks down what’s in the cards for you this week.

You don't need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here's what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


You can’t necessarily be anything you want… but you CAN be everything you are. Isn’t that better? We each have an ideal version of ourself, and it’s your life purpose to discover exactly who that is. So, focus. Get selfish. Know your own strengths, and play to them. Don’t waste time pursuing what others want for you. This world is big and varied enough that there’s a spot for all of us. Let’s find our own unique niche.


Don’t take things at face value this week. Look beneath the mask. Then look again. Ask questions, and double-check the answers. The Moon shows that what is being presented is not exactly what is truly on offer. You can uncover the truth with consistent attention. What you discover will make a difference to your outlook and decisions, so it’s worth paying close attention and asking extra questions. Don’t be fooled.


Don’t fear The Tower, Taurus. This card creates a stir, for sure, but its intention is to do you a favor. It seeks to collapse or remove something false, fading, or negative in your life. It's something that needs to go, and it's something that you have, perhaps knowingly, failed to dismantle yourself. This might come as a shock, but it’s all for the best. Let this ~thing~ collapse and then you can rebuild on firmer foundations. It's time for a deep clean.


See the world! Go somewhere new! Take a trip! Book your dream vacation! The World is a literal, and welcome, invitation to broaden your horizons and get out there. We’re here to experience everything we can. This can comes from travel, interaction with new people, and experiencing new places and whatever resides there. Take this invitation and take an inspiring trip.


Whatever hasn’t worked recently, let it all go. Stop trying to cover it up, make excuses, or suppress the truth. See it all for what it truly is. When you accept things as they are, you can deal in reality. And then, you can see the next step that will actually make a difference. The Eight of Cups promises that better opportunities lie ahead for you, the very minute you let go of the ones that haven'tlived up to their potential. Move on. A brighter future is waiting.


Most happily-ever-afters don’t happen by accident—they require planning, investment, consistency, and practical actions. The Ten of Pentacles asks you to put some effort into your ideal vision of the future around your health, wealth, home, or work. You can plant seeds this week that will take root and blossom into wonderful gifts, strengths, and rewards. Everything starts somewhere, and this all starts here. Project yourself ahead five or ten years in the future and spot those opportunities to start something new. The Ten of Pentacles is a great omen.


Don’t let them take advantage of you or take you for granted, Virgo. You are such a great organizer and planner that you tend to take on others’ responsibilities as well as your own. It starts as a favor and then because it becomes expected or the norm. Are you really necessary in this task? Are you carrying their load? Are you being used? The Emperor hints that you need to stick up for yourself and either hand this task back, OR get the rewards for your efforts that you deserve. Be pushy.


Death is not the scary card that many people fear it is. Death really means change, a "death" of an old self so that a new you can step forwards and take the reins. Maybe you’ve experienced growing pains recently or expressed frustration with your surroundings. All of this is a symptom of being ready for a new challenge. Let yourself evolve. It’s time to progress. Enjoy the ride and embrace the results.


You are a rational and intellectual person fueled by deep reserves of passion and emotion (which very few people get to see). The King of Swords is the ultimate rational and dispassionate thinker. This week, he's in your corner this week helping you make good choices and act rationally. You need this because deep down, your emotions are all over the place. Release your feelings safely and with those you trust, but do NOT base decisions on them. Just process them, and then put your thinking cap back on. Let logic lead.


The Queen of Wands is your kind of card! Wands represent the fire element, so she shares your fiery nature. Just like you, she likes to be noticed, gets things done, takes a chance, and steps up to go on an adventure. Roll the dice this week, Sag. Take a risk. Remember that nothing ventured, nothing gained. The worst that can happen is that they say no, or it doesn’t pan out. But the best that can happen is that this risk pays off and you get a major reward. Go for it.


There are sunny days ahead, Cap. Enjoy your life, relax, and make time to just hang out with people you love. There is pleasure in doing nothing. It helps your brain unwind, recalibrate, and process. It also puts you in a laid-back mood, where you're open to new ideas and suggestions. The route to progress this week is to take your foot off the gas and let new opportunities float in. They will come when you’re not looking!


Something unexpected and positive is going to unfold in your world this week, something that turns out to be just what you most needed—even if at first, you don’t see it. The Nine of Cups shows a blessing, a dream come true, a magical opportunity. Be open-minded, be positive, and be receptive to unexpected offerings, invitations, or ideas. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised.


The Hierophant is a spiritual leader, and this card can also represent a teacher, a mentor, or a figure of traditional authority in your life. They might be a positive or negative force right now. You might need their advice and counsel. Or you might be rejecting their influence and finding your own opinions. Either way, they are playing an important role as a supporter or catalyst. Pay attention and notice which direction they’re nudging you in. Be grateful to have someone who wants to help, even if you ultimately don’t follow their advice.

Kerry Ward has been reading and teaching tarot for over 25 years. You can book a personal, written tarot reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, or pre-order her first book, Power Purpose Practice. Follow her on Instagram @mytarotbella for weekly forecasts, insights, and tarot teachings.

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