Why Do Casinos Put Holes in Cards
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Why Do Casinos Put Holes in Cards

Mar 08, 2024

Why Do Casinos Put Holes in Cards?

If you have ever played cards at a casino, you may have noticed a peculiar feature on the decks – holes punched through the middle of the cards. These holes serve a specific purpose and are not just random or decorative. In this article, we will explore why casinos put holes in cards and answer some frequently asked questions about this practice.

1. What is the purpose of the holes in casino cards?The holes in casino cards are used to mark them as “canceled” or “used.” This prevents these decks from being used again in the casino or from being mistakenly mixed with new decks or ones that are still in play.

2. How are the holes made in the cards?The holes are typically made using a hole puncher or a specialized machine that can quickly punch holes through multiple cards at once. The size and shape of the holes may vary from casino to casino.

3. Are all casino cards punched with holes?Not all casinos use this method to mark their cards. Some casinos may prefer to use other methods, such as cutting off a corner of the cards or using a special ink stamp. However, the hole punching method is widely adopted due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

4. Can you still play with hole-punched cards?While hole-punched cards can still be used for casual games at home, they are not suitable for professional play or in a casino setting. The holes can provide players with information about the cards, making the game unfair and potentially compromising the integrity of the game.

5. What happens to the old decks of cards after they are punched?Once the decks of cards are marked as used or canceled, they are typically destroyed to ensure they are not reused. This helps maintain the security and fairness of the games in the casino.

6. Can you buy hole-punched casino cards?Casinos do not sell their marked and canceled cards to the public. However, you can find hole-punched cards online or in stores, but these are usually replicas or novelty items meant for collectors or enthusiasts.

7. Do all casino games use hole-punched cards?Hole-punched cards are primarily used in table games such as blackjack, poker, baccarat, and others where multiple decks are used simultaneously. Slot machines and other electronic games do not require hole-punched cards.

8. Can hole-punched cards be used for magic tricks or cardistry?Hole-punched cards are not commonly used in magic tricks or cardistry, where visual aesthetics are important. However, some magicians or cardists may incorporate hole-punched cards into their routines for specific effects or storytelling purposes.

9. Can hole-punched cards be repaired?While it is technically possible to repair hole-punched cards using adhesive or other methods, the process is generally not recommended as it may alter the integrity of the card and potentially compromise fairness during gameplay.

In conclusion, the holes punched in casino cards serve an essential purpose in maintaining the security and integrity of the games. They prevent the reuse of old decks, ensure fair play, and avoid confusion with new or in-play cards. While these hole-punched cards may not be suitable for professional or casino play, they can still be enjoyed in casual settings or collected as unique items.